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About Us

Al Bacio Ixelles has been nestled in the Chatelain area ever since 2018. This young and cozy establishment highlights our passion for market-fresh ingredients, honest baking and a southern atmosphere complemented by upbeat music.

Our menu features a selection of Pizza's, all in-house made by our awesome team, lead by Claudio & Giovanni.


With numerous different combinations of delicious and fresh ingredients, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether for lunch or dinner, it is always the perfect time for a pizza,

so come JOIN US today at Al Bacio Ixelles.

Meet the Family

LOGO with Marble background_edited.jpg

Al Bacio

Rue Américaine 119

1150 - Ixelles

LOGO Al Bacetto Marble background_edited.jpg

Al Bacetto

Rue de Florence 20

1150 - Ixelles

LOGO Al Bacino Marble background_edited.jpg

Al Bacino

Rue Jourdan 11

1060 - St Gilles

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